• SKU: NA-NE-2021-05-30 10.04.30-60-tjs-a-4

• Designer or Maker: NAPIER

• Mark: NAPIER with copyright

• Style: Necklace

• Circa Date: 1960S

• Condition: Excellent. The piece does show elements of tarnish which some folks prefer left on.

• Age Group: Adult

• Color: Silver, antiqued silver

• Material: Brass, silver plate

• Size or Measurement: The pendant measures 3 7/8″ x 2 9/16″ with a 24″ t.l. chain (12″ bilteral).

• Type: Vintage Napier jewelry, Vintage Napier necklace, Napier 1960s necklace, Napier Silver-plate Necklace, Napier antique-silver plate necklace, Vintage jewelry, Vintage jewellery, vintage costume jewelry


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