• SKU: NA-NE-2021-09-18 15.13.54-90-tjs-a-4

• Designer or Maker: NAPIER

• Mark: NAPIER with patent #

• Style: Necklace

• Circa Date: 1990s

• Condition: Excellent condition.

• Age Group: Adult

• Color: gold, gold- ruby, emerald, sapphire and amethyst hues.

• Material: Brass, gold plate, resin

• Size or Measurement: Approx 21″ t.l.

• Type: Vintage Napier jewelry, Vintage Napier necklace, Napier 1990s necklace, Napier gold-plate Necklace, Napier Lucite bead necklace, Napier Byzantium necklace, Special Edition Napier jewelry, Vintage jewelry, Vintage jewellery, vintage costume jewelry, Napier fashion, Napier fashion jewelry, Vintage Napier fashion jewelry, Vintage Napier jewelry.

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